WSC-5 Wind Speed Activated Controller


Wind Speed Activated Control System

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The Texas Electronics, Inc. WSC-5 Wind Speed Activated Control System is designed for switching on and/or off, various types of equipment based on specified wind speed parameters. Designed to withstand harsh environments the WSC-5 is a truly commercial/research-grade instrument that is ideally suited for safety applications such as cranes and other types of high reach and load bearing equipment where strong winds can pose a danger. The WSC-5 also offers complete, user-defined capability in controlling alarms, fountains, beacons, deodorizers, air samplers, etc., when wind speed exceeds or falls below a certain selectable value. The control output function (either switch-on or switch-off or both) can be set for activation at any desired speed value from 0-100 MPH (alternate ranges available). Single and dual set points are available depending on the requirements of the user. An adjustable time delay is used to minimize premature on-off cycling of the controlled equipment when wind speed is fluctuating around the selected set point. Time delays are programmable with time periods ranging from 1 to 1023 seconds.

Two modes of operation are provided: automatic and latching. In the automatic mode, the relays are energized at wind speeds exceeding the set points, but automatically de-energized when wind speed falls below the set points. In the Latching mode, the relays energizes when the wind speed set points are exceeded and remain energized until manually reset.

The TV-114 anemometer is included in the price. For replacement parts or repairs please contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 18.5000 lbs
Dimensions N/A

+/- 2.0 MPH (0.9 m/s)


Dual Wind Speed Controller, Wind Speed Controller Single


60', 18 gauge 2 conductor


0-1 V , 4-20 mA

Control Console Size

12" W x 15.5" H x 7.5" D

Cup Wheel Diameter

18" (45.7 cm)

Distance Constant

21.7 ft. (6.6 m)

Dual Set Point Units

Adjustable to within 0 MPH of each other

Enclosure Type

Covers: NEMA style 3, 3R, 4, 4X, & 12; Mounting: Wall Type; Finish: Gray Fiberglass throughout with Lexan viewing window


None, self-generating

Indication / actuation Accuracy

2% of full scale

Indicator Range

0-100 MPH

Operational Envelope

0 to 120 MPH (0 to 53.7 m/s)

Operator Controls

1.) on-off switch; 2.) set point adjustment knob(s); 3.) time delay set point knob(s); 4.) latch & auto switch

Overall Height

7.5" (19.1 cm)

Power Consumption

Approximately 3 Watts

Set Point Adjustability

Adjustable over full scale

Starting Threshold

2.2 to 3.0 MPH ( 1.1 to 1.3 m/s)

Time Delay Relays

Swtich Settable Time Delays from 0.1s to 1023s; +/- 2% Setting Accuracy; +/- 0.1% Repeat Accuracy; SPDT or DPDT; 10 A Output Contacts

Turning Radius

9.0" (22.9 cm)


3 years