Model 2-200 Wind Speed Indicating System


2-200 Wind Speed System

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The Model 2-200 Wind Speed Indicating System is an extremely accurate, low cost wind measuring system. This system consists of a Model TV-114 anemometer and a dial indicator. No external power source is required, as the system generates its own power. This feature makes the Model 2-200 ideal for mobile applications where access to a power source is limited or non-existent.

The TV-114 Wind Speed Sensor is a rugged sensor consisting of a lightweight. 3-cup anemometer mechanically coupled to a brush-less precision AC generator located within a gold-anodized aluminum housing. The exterior of the sensor helps prevent corrosion even in extreme conditions of heat, cold and saltwater environments. The sensor is designed to be as sensitive as possible to light winds, yet strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.

The indicator utilizes a 0-1 mA DC meter movement contained in a cast aluminum housing with universal mounting brackets. The brackets simplify meter mounting in marine or mobile installations as they allow for top, back, or bottom mounting. The indicator can be ordered for any one of two ranges as follows: 0-100 MPH and 0-50 m/s

Additional information

Weight 8.0000 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 10 in

+/- 2.0 mph (0.9 m/s)

Indicator Order

0-100 MPH, 0-50 m/s


60', 18 gauge 2 conductor standard. Call for custom lengths.

Cup Wheel Diameter

18" (45.7 cm)

Distance Constant

21.7 ft. (6.6 m)


None, Self-generating


Sensor: gold anodized aluminum; Indicator: black numerals on white dial; Indicator Box: powder-coat black, clear alodine aluminum mounting bracket

Humidity Limits

0 to 100%

Indicator Size

4.5" W x 3.5" H x 2" deep; (11.43 cm x 8.89 cm x 5.08 cm)

Operating Temp

-20 to 125° F (-29 to 50° C)

Operational Envelope

0 to 120 MPH (0 to 53.7 m/s)

Overall Height

7.5" (19.1 cm)


Self-generating, no power source nescessary

Starting Threshold

2.2 to 3.0 MPH (1.1 to 1.3 m/s)

Storage Temp

-40 to 160° F (-40 to 70° C)

Turning Radius

9.0" (22.9 cm)


8 lbs. (3.62kg) with standard 60 ft. cable


3 years