Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

Research-grade rain gauges for precise rainfall monitoring

Weather Stations

Packaged solutions to monitor any combination of rainfall, temp, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, and solar radiation

Barometric Pressure

Rugged, weatherproof atmospheric pressure sensors for all elevations
Wind Speed & Direction sensor light

Wind Speed, Direction & Controls

Freestanding devices for measuring air velocity and direction

Temperature & Humidity

Ambient air temperature and humidity sensors with specialized enclosures for environmental protection
Solar radiation sensor closeup

Solar Radiation

Sensors designed to monitor available sunlight

Parts & Accessories

Bird Spikes, Bearings, Heaters, replacement parts and more

Hardware (masts, mounts, and brackets)

Including tripods and other mounting solutions
Weather station controller

Data Loggers

TR525 rain gauge with RG3 data logger, solar radiation shield, bird repellent spikes, and pole mounting base

Custom Systems