9.66” Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge


TR-525M Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. Available with optional Heater and or Siphon

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Range Discount
5 - 14 5%
15 - 29 7.5%
30 - 99 10%
100 - 9999 12.5%
  • Other calibrations available on request.

    Stock is single reed switch but if you like we will install a dual reed switch.

    Should be used where snow or freezing weather may occur. It consists of two low-power heating elements that prevent disruption in readings during freezing times. The heaters are thermostatically controlled with an additional thermal overload. More information available under downloads tab.

    This allows an extended range of accuracy. This system allows control of the "flow rate" of accumulated precipitation. This metering geometry assures higher levels in both accuracy and repeatability during periods of extremely heavy rainfall. More information available under downloads tab.

    All our 525 rain gauges are factory calibrated. Option 1. If you like the printed certificate included. OR Option 2. If you like to prepay for 3 separate factory calibrations when you send in your gauge for recalibration we offer it at a discount.

    This data logger can record rainfall rates, times and duration. The included memory stores over 16,000 tips. More information available under related products

    Helps to keep birds from perching on rim of collector

    The FC-500 Field Calibration Kit is designed to be a field verification of accuracy for all our rain gauge sensors. This unit is not intended to substitute a dynamic laboratory calibration; however it is a great indicator of accuracy.

    This upgrade consists of sapphire pivots, highly polished stainless steel shaft ends, and an enhanced bucket finish to improve consistent water shedding.

    The MB-525 Pole Mounting Base is designed to be an aid in quick and easy installation in any Texas Electronics rain gauge. The base has three adjustable springs to allow quick adjustment and accurate leveling of the rain gauge. This is available in 1.00 NPT or 1.25 NPT (National Pipe Thread) Sizes.

    This debris screen can be used in 2 ways. This first is as a replacement for a traditional screen to help reduce splash out. The second way is to use the supplemental debris screen in combination with a traditional screen for an extra layer of debris protection. The small holes in the supplemental debris screen help prevent clogs from small debris, such as seeds or bugs, that would pass through our regular screens.

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The Texas Electronics, Inc. TR-525M 9.66" Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge has a 9.66" Collector is a remote tipping bucket style rain gauge that measures liquid precipitation.

The Rain Gauge is a freestanding receptacle for measuring precipitation. Through an opening at the top of the device, rain is collected and then funneled to a mechanical device, called a tipping bucket. As water is collected, the tipping bucket fills to the point that it tips over, causing a momentary closure of a switch to incrementally measure rainfall accumulation. This action empties the bucket in preparation for additional measurement. Water discharged by the tipping bucket passes out of the rain gauge with no need for emptying.

The TR-525M is a rugged and reliable metric rain gauge that delivers high accuracy at a low cost.

Additional information

Weight 6.0000 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 13 in

50 mm per hour; +/-1%

Bounce Setting Time

0.75 ms


Black PP injection molded


10', 24 Gauge 2 Conductor (longer length available on request)

Collector Diameter

9.66" (245 mm) with knife-edge

Splash out Protection

>2" (50mm)

Funnel Depth

7.2" (183 mm)


A rain gauge heater, HT-525, is available where snow or freezing weather may occur. It consists of two low-power heating elements that prevent disruption in readings during freezing times. The heaters are thermostatically controlled.


12" (305 mm)

Humidity Limits

0 to 100%


Integral Bubble Level

Operating Temp

32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)


Ground bronze pivots with hardened stainless steel shaft


27" (700 mm) per hour


0.1 mm Metric

Storage Temp

-40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)


Momentary potted reed switch

Switch Closure Time

135 ms

Switch Rating

30 VDC @ 2A, 115 VAC @ 1A


2 lbs.


3 years













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