Power Free Snow Melt Adapter


Non-powered Snow Melt Device for Texas Electronic’s Rain Gauges

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The new power free snow collector provides an alternative to our heated tipping bucket rain gauge. The device uses an antifreeze mixture to melt the snow and collect accurate precipitation data. Although the device does require periodic maintenance, this can be much preferable to using a heated rain gauge in situations where access to a power source is limited or non-existent. The antifreeze recommended is an environmentally friendly mix of propylene glycol and ethanol which is available via phone in orders. This mixture has a specific gravity below one which helps to melt snow that makes its way into the collector. Due to the nature of the design a slight delay may occur in between a precipitation event and the tipping bucket capturing the data.

The device sits on top of a Texas Electronics 525 rain gauge and replaces the traditional collector. The device will read true to real rainfall amount when used on a 525I (6"). Other 525 series rain gauges may be used but a conversion factor must be applied to all readings to represent true rainfall.

The price includes the snow melt adapter, rain collector pan, and a collection tube. The mounting base with bracket and U bolts are an optional extra. The mounting base is recommended for any installations where the pole is not perfectly level. Antifreeze is not included but availble as an extra for phone in orders.

The 525 series rain gauge is sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 8.0000 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

Heater Option

Mounting Options

4X hose clamps to use side mount bracket (Standard), Pole mounting base with hardware (+$100)

Heater Option

Heater Option

Antifreeze Solution

2 Gallons Antifreeze Solution (+$85), 4 Gallons Antifreeze Solution (+$170), No Antifreeze