Bird Spikes


Bird Repellant add-on fixture for all Texas Electronics Tipping Barrel Rain Gauges. Select the Rain Gauge Size below for your specific rain gauge.

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Bird Spikes fit onto any Texas Electronics Tipping Barrel Rain Gauges to prevent birds from sitting on the edge. The spikes are made out of anodized aluminum and attach with a single philips screw. The spikes can be oriented straight up (as pictured) or bent by hand if a staggered orientation is desired.

The Select a Size option gives a 30" long strip with holes every 2 inches. This works well for roofs and signs. The aluminum can be bent by hand and cut with tin snip.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Heater Option


200mm (TR-525-W2) +$41.17, 4" (TR-4 & ESR-300) +$37.82, 6" (TR-525I) +$38.95, 8" (TR-525USW) +$41.17, 9.66" (TR-525M) +$43.40, Select a Size- For Roofs/ Cut to Size +$43.40

Heater Option

Heater Option