Heated precipitation gauge for rain and snow

Our heated tipping bucket is recommended for locations where snow or freezing weather may occur. The heater is balanced to keep the gauge clear at all times yet minimize the amount of evaporation. 


Heater inside tipping bucket rain gauge

Extreme low temperature performance

The powerful heater can yield accurate precipitation measurements in environments as cold as -65 °F.

Compatible with siphon

All our heated rain gauges are still compatible with our siphon which helps to increase accuracy during heavy precipitation events.


Easy install

All 525 series rain gauges have the option to have a heater preinstalled from the factory.  However heaters are avaiblabne seperatly and dont require any special tools for instilation.


Available on all 525 series rain gauges

The heated 525 tipping bucket rain gauges is available in 6",8",9.66" and 200mm sizes to meet a wide variety of standards. These various sizes help users meer the National Weather Service & World Meteorological Organization requirements for rainfall measurement


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Weather Underground PWS KTXDALLA436